How it all began – our idea for this stylish durable dog gear

When you love dogs as much as we do, there is no doubt that when we looked at starting a business it would have to include something for the dogs or at least a place we could bring the dogs everyday. Over the years we learned to train them in service, sport, protection and scent work. We wanted our dogs to not only act cool, but to look amazing also. We developed collars that would work with our training in public with messages such as DO NOT PET or SERVICE DOG. Couple that with name tags and there it was.

Spec Dogs, Inc. is an American manufacturing company that makes custom collars with personalized name patches. We utilize the finest sourced Military Spec webbing to provide strong great looking collars that are built for powerful breeds.

The hardware we use on all collars is metal and berry compliant and buckles can be either plastic or metal depending on the collar choice. They also offer great comfort and are very suitable for civilian dogs as well as having a nice ID name or large message on their collar.

One of the first things you will notice when you open a package from us is the absolute best quality webbing possible, you can see it immediately and when you feel it, you know you purchased the right collar. We worked hard to find and source USA materials to pass on to our customers.

What you get when you order with us

Worldwide delivery

We do ship globally, however that does change from time to time with the current situation. Please always double check that your country is currently accepting deliveries.

Secure Payment

We use top level hosting and our site is always safe and secure with certificates of safety posted.

Sales Notifications

When you make a purchase, we send you a sales notification and a shipping notification with tracking.

Credit Cards accepted

We use Paypal as our credit card processing outlet. You do not need a Paypal account to use it, you can check out as a guest as well.

Workmanship and quality guarantee

We work hard to provide you with the absolute best quality possible. If for any reason you have an issue with the collar within the first 60 days, we will be happy to discuss our options for you. This does not include abuse or wrong size chosen.

24/7 Support

Support staff works late hours. Contact us at anytime and within hours we will respond.

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